Announcement of Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren New Partners to Develop Corporate Strength and Expertise

Update 13:10 - March 01, 2022

In a move to strengthen their team, Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren – Attorneys at Law (“HMM Attorneys”) on March 1, 2022 have effectively named two new Partners to contribute to HMM Attorneys expanding range of expertise. The decision was in line with HMM Attorneys’ expansion plan to address the market players’ growing demand for various legal services in the wake of global economic recovery. The firm’s newly announced Partners are Desi Rutvikasari and Ali Suryadharma.

“The two new Partners are a valuable addition to HMM Attorneys strength”, said HMM Attorneys’ Founding Partner, Harvardy M. Iqbal.

Another HMM Attorneys’ Founding Partner, Windri Marieta, expressed similar sentiment in her statement, “Desi and Ali possess the legal expertise that we have been wishing to offer to our clients and thus represents valuable investment to the firm.”

With Desi Rutvikasari and Ali Suryadharma’s appointment, HMM Attorneys team will be able to offer a wider range of options for their clients, as the two new Partners come with extensive experience and credentials in their respective fields.


Desi Rutvikasari                                            Ali Suryadharma

Desi Rutvikasari received her training at Universitas Indonesia Law School before graduating with Master of Laws (with merit) in Maritime Law from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Desi has thirteen years of experience in shipping, alternative dispute resolution, construction, and general commercial litigation. She had also made numerous contributions to law journals, including Chambers Global Practice Guides: International Arbitration, published by Chambers and Partners; Getting the Deal Through – Shipping, published by Law Business Research, Ltd.; and The Shipping Law Review, published by Law Business Research, Ltd.

The other newly appointed Partner Ali Suryadharma has over fifteen years of experience in Energy, Mining, and Plantation (“EMP”). Ali has successfully represented and advised various EMP corporations, including one of Indonesia’s largest plantation companies, which he represented in closing offshore loan working capital. Ali has also advised one of Indonesia’s biggest hydroelectric power plants in various transactions to acquire other hydroelectric power plants as well as leading debt restructurisation of a minerals and metals mining company having valuation of more than US$100,000,000. Since 2009, Ali has also been advising clients in litigations, and currently active in representing and defending one of the largest Indonesian retail company’s legal stance against third party’s illegal act.

Getting Desi Rutvikasari and Ali Suryadharma on board is a demonstration of HMM Attorneys commitment in providing our clients with various quality services,” HMM Attorneys Managing Partner Sylvia M. Mauren concluded.

All Partners of Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren



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