General Litigations

Update 14:59 - April 05, 2022

We understand clients commercial interest to avoid litigation, and would prefer to seek amicable settlement out of court. However when it becomes inevitable, we can assist and represent clients in various disputes before the Indonesian courts. We assist clients in advising and formulating reliable litigation strategies, reviewing and analyzing documents, facts and evidences, drafting various court documents, preparing witness and expert and to present the case. Our lawyers have extensive litigation skills and experiences and are qualified and licensed to act as legal counsel before the Indonesian courts. Our scope and experience include assisting and representing clients in general civil and commercial disputes, anti-monopoly and business competition, telecommunication, mining and energy, maritime and shipping, aviation, banking and finance, labor and employment, property and construction, environment, insurance, entertainment, personal and family matters. We also assist and represent clients in criminal matters, to assist clients in filing police reports and examination in the police proceedings.